About Parrots

Parrots are birds with roughly 372 species in 86 genera. They are mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions. The most striking feature of parrots are strongly curved bill, strong legs and upright stance. The most important diets for parrot includes seeds, nuts, fruit, buds and other plant materials. 

Parrots are found on all subtropical and tropical continents including Australia and Africa, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania. Parrots are monogamous breeders which nest in cavities and hold no territories other than their nesting sites. The pair bonds of the parrots and cockatoos are strong and a pair will remain close even during the non-breeding season, even if they join larger flocks. 

Parrot are capable to mimic human speech. Some detail studies with African Grey Parrot have shown that They are capable of associating words with their meaning and even form simple sentences. May parrot can imitatte sound and speech.

Parrots are very popular pet due to their intelligence, ability to imitate human voices, affectionate nature and bright colors. In 1992 the USA Today published a news that there were 11 million pet birds in United States alone and no doubt, many of them were parrots. 

Parrot species that are most popular as a pet includes Poicephalus, Pionus, Parakeets, Caiques, Eclectus, Budgerigars, cockatiels, lovebirds, African Greys, cockatoos, Amazons, macaws and conures.

Parrots can make excellent companion animals, and can form close, affectionate bonds with their owners. However they invariably require an enormous amount of attention, care and intellectual stimulation to thrive, akin to that required by a three-year-old child, which many people find themselves unable to provide in the long term.

If you are thinking how long a parrot can lives? Then you are about to get surprised. It has been noted that some parrot species live for more then 100 years. Although the lifespan of parrot depends on species, their average life can be anywhere between 15 to 85 years. So, if you decide to adopt parrot as a pet bird then it’s very likely that your companionship with parrot is going to last long. 

The main diet for parrots includes buds, seeds, pollen, fruit and nectar. They also prefer animal prays like insects but not on higher degree. Among these diets they love seeds and it is the most important part of parrots’ diet. These mentioned diets are natural food for parrots but there are some foods that you can give your parrot which are available at your place. Vegetables like Brocolli and Celery are good for parrots along with Corn and seeds. You can give your pet parrot a mixture of seeds so that he/she gets well rounded diet. You can also opt in for various packaged foods for your parrot. 

Unlike other birds parrots are more immune to many diseases. We are less susceptible to illnesses. Having said that, let me add another thing here; don’t be careless. It is always handy to know about their illness, its causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment. 

Almost all parrots have the capacity to talk and imitate. The degree of talking and imitation vary from species to species but in general it is safe to say that every parrot can talk. But this doesn’t mean that they will learn themselves. You have to teach them how to talk. To help you in this matter, here are some tricks that you can follow to teach your parrot to talk.