Green and yellow small beaked bird on twig

Types of Parrot

Roughly speaking, there are about 372 species of parrots. Out of these only few are suitable as a pet bird. So, here are few species that you might want to consider: 

  1. Jardine Parrot: Jardine parrots are well known for its beautiful colors. They have very playful and curious personality. They are native to east, west and central Africa. Jardine parrot is known for its quick learning capacity. It is safe to say that this parrot is a quick learner when it comes to talking. It has a beautiful green body with dark stripes. An orange coloration can also be seen on wing epaulets, forehead and thighs once they mature. 
  2. Pionus parrot: (Pionus menstruss / blue head parrot) Pionus parrot has green body with deep blue upper breast and head. They are native to Trinidad, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. They are known to be very quiet parrot and you are very unlikely to hear complains about the noise from your neighbors. Their quieter nature doesn’t mean that they can’t talk. This parrot is ideal for people who have very close neighbors. If you live in an apartments and tract housing then this the ideal pet bird for you. 
  3. Sun Conure parrot: Sun conure parrot is the most colorful parrot out there. It has a blazing reds and orange coloration. Its tail is a mixture of blue and green color. They are well known for its playful nature. Sun makes very piercing and shrill sound so if you live in an apartment then this bird can be a headache for you. 
  4. African gray parrot: African gray parrot is of medium size with natural habitat in central and West Africa. As the name suggest it is predominantly gray with some white and maroon or red coloration in their tail. This bird is the most intelligent one when compared to other parrots with great talking capability and not very shy. They make love whistling, shrieking and squeaking. 
  5. Amazon Parrots: Amazon parrots have short wings and green in colored body. They are well known for imitating and talking capacity. Many scientific studies have shown that Amazon parrots are as intelligent as three year old human baby, monkeys or dolphins. They are very playful, social and interactive. 
  6. Senegal Parrots: Senegal parrots are one cuddly bird with green body and grey head. Their belly is differently colored and has bright yellow Iris. They are very well equipped with imitating capability and don’t get surprised if it imitates the telephone ring.

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash