Two colorful Eclectus parrots over a tree branch during daytime

Eclectus Parrot

There is a lot of significance behind the amount of color found in most of the parrots. The same can be said about the Eclectus parrot. This is a parrot which is native to the Solomon Islands and the New Guinea Islands. They are also found in the mainland Australia, as well as the different small islands located in the vicinity of Australia. 

Due to the sexual dimorphism found in this species, you shall see that the male is more colorful and has some variety. The bright colors and the puffiness is mainly used in order to attract the females. There is a larger population of such kind of parrots in the agricultural mainland, and they are actually considered pests as they go about eating fruits.

In the offset that you shall see the Eclectus parrot, they are a bunch of colorful creatures that can make you realize the beauty of parrots. Due to the bright feathers found in the Eclectus parrot, native people from New Guinea has been able to use the feathers in their decoration and all other ceremonial purposes.

There are also some small populations of Eclectus parrot, located far away from the mainland, and they thrive on the food from the natural vegetation. They have been able to grow to significant amounts in batches as they are not disturbed by the human population. 

The Eclectus parrot is unusual for the parrot family, due to the amount of sexual dimorphism that is to be found in the plumage. You find that the parrot is actually extremely short when you consider the stock, which is only about 14 inches in length. Most of the male is about bright green, and it actually has a blue primaries and red flanks in the body itself. This body structure can help the males attract the females Eclectus parrots. 

The diet of the Eclectus parrot it is mainly wild figs, as well as flower and leaf buds along with some seeds. They do not ingest any sort of small organisms. You can witness them going for the high-fiber diet that is to be found in the different kinds of fruits and nuts, which is located abundantly in the wildlife

When the mating season commences, breeding is something that is foremost in the minds of the Eclectus parrot. That being told, if there is any sort of compatibility issue present in the two Eclectus parrot, then breeding will not commence. So if you are interested in creating a population of such Eclectus parrot, make sure that they are inter compatible.

Keep them in a cage for a long period of time, prior to breeding season. If they constantly fight, then there will be a problem with breeding. The Eclectus parrot can be territorial, so you need to be careful when breding season commences.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash