Quaker parrot on brown tree branch on daytime

Quaker Parrot

The Quaker parrot, or the monk parakeet is a particular species of parrots which can be found in the North America or the central Europe. The Quaker parrot is known to be self-sustaining, which means that they are always satisfied with the food they get, they are not at all picky about it. Most of the people in central Europe tend to keep Quaker parrots as a household pet, and they have definitely witnessed the docile nature of this beautiful pet. 

The tendency of the Quaker parrot is to be docile but also dominant in case his or her domicile is threatened. With the beak, bloody wars can go on in the natural habitat, but in the cage, there is minimal chances of fighting. They are highly intelligent and can help you to decode a lot of mannerisms that you can find interesting in a parrot. If you want a pet that is adjusting, does not fret too often and also makes no issue on the food, then the Quaker parrot fulfills all the criteria.

Think about constant squawking and chirping and the name of parrots always comes to mind. Well this is definitely not the case with the Quaker parrot. They are very quiet unless they are provoked. The Quaker parrot is and always shall be one of those quieter species of parrots, that does not indulge in banter over the cages to attract your attention. They are always alert but submissive, not having to keep the owner on his toes, but does provide a fair deal of enjoyment. If you want to become the owner of a good Quaker parrot, it is always suggested that you get them from people that you know. 

The Quaker parrot has been residing in a lot of places, mostly in the Northern America and Central Europe. They are also found in Brazil, Israel, Porto Rico and Japan as well. In areas that has actually been introduced to the Quaker parrot, you can actually get a lot of Quaker parrot within a very short distance from the mainland. Due to the ready availability of Quaker parrot in huge amounts in the wildlife in the mentioned countries, most of the natives and tribal also eat them for food. While this is not something that has been adjudicated as a good way of sustenance of the bird, it is definitely what people are doing in such low income belts to survive. The population of the Quaker parrot was dwindling in the mid-80s, but now they have witnessed a resurgence as they have been able to get into conservation. The Quaker parrot has been awarded the conservation status, and had been put on the endangered list. They have now been able to witness a boom in growth, and they are slowly but steadily growing to populations like before, due to the indulgence of the people.

Photo by Tania Malréchauffé on Unsplash