Close-up of Amazon parrot on daytime

Amazon Parrots

If you think about the Amazon parrot, you shall come across those medium-sized parrots that are to be found in the Northern and Central America. They are also found a lot in the Caribbean. Due to the migration during the summer, and the autumn, most of the Amazon parrots can also be found in the southern states of the America. The Amazon parrot is primarily a parrot that survives on vegetation alone. They can be found in a variety of colors, but green is predominant in this particular species. 

They primarily feed on nuts and fruits, and they also like to feed on the leafy matter. Most of the people that have Amazon parrots as house pets, find that they have a remarkable ability of mimicking the speech and sounds of the people in front of them. This is a common reason as to why most of the bird loving population prefer to have Amazon parrots in their household. These are also parrots that can be breeding a lot, hence keeping two of them is going to become a very hectic affair for you. 

Due to the popularity of the Amazon Parrot, they are slowly becoming extinct from the wild. This is a concern that has been addressed by the WWF, or the World Wildlife Foundation, and there is now a curfew on the poaching of these birds from the wild. Only people that have house bred Amazon Parrots can sell them to people, the rest is illegal. With a lot of regulations that are put into place by the WWF, there is now a steady increase in the population of the Amazon parrots in the wildlife. 

The Amazon parrots in the wildlife have a life span of about 50 years. But put them in captivity, and they shall only last for 30-40 years. While they are extremely good birds, they can get very fussy and aggressive during the mating season. So if you are willing to put an end to such nature, a fertile mate would need to be found at the earliest and put in the cage. You will also witness a lot of breeding, and the Amazon parrots are very much capable of reproducing about 3-4 small parrots every mating season. 

Entirely dependent upon the green fodder, this particular species can be well-trained, and they can also be extremely loyal companions. They tend to come in pairs, so any separation from their other half, and you have a huge problem in your hands. They also require a bit of understanding and they would also need to be provided rewards and manipulative tricks that can help them in order to take care of their behavior. The Amazon parrot is one of the best parrots that you can find and with positive reinforcement, you can turn them into a great parrot. This is truly a majestic creature that can be very good as a house pet.

Photo by Joel Stenberg on Unsplash