Close-up of African Gray parrot

African Grey Parrot

The African Grey parrot is also known as the Grey parrot. It is primarily found in the rainforest of West and Central Africa. Experts have known it to be one of the most intelligent birds that you can find in the vicinity of ecosystems located all across the world. They feed on primarily seeds and nuts, and they also feed on the leafy matter. In some cases, they have also been found to eat snails, though small in nature. The overall gentle nature of the African Grey parrot is definitely a reason why people are usually attracted to these species of birds.

The overall popularity of the African Grey parrot in the hearts of bird lovers is due to its inclination to mimic speeches and sounds. They can capture the songs and tunes from your television. They also have a wonderful and gentle nature about them. This contributes to a reason as to why they are often captured from the wild, and sold as a pet in the trade markets. The African Grey parrot is listed as a very rare bird, hence, you find that it is restricted to the wild. They cannot be restrained, neither can they actually be used for any sort of trade in most cases, according to the World Wildlife Foundation.

The African Grey parrot has the longevity of up to 50 years, a sort of good news for the people that suffer from anxiety of their pet’s death. Due to the amount of pollution in the environment, they have been able to reach ages of around 30 to 40 years. Most of the time, the African Grey parrot has been able to fend for itself in the wild, but in captivity, the amount of food that it eats becomes minimal.

Unlike most of the other parrots, the African Grey parrot has actually been documented to initiate a lot of calls, and they can also mimic a lot of other species. If you are very much vocal in front of the bird, you are definitely going to witness a lot of the mimicking of your speech. They are very much capable of retaining particular noises in its memory and blurting them out when they feel that the situation is right.

The status as well as the conservation of the African Grey parrot has become a well-documented fact. It cannot be plucked out from the wild, and there is a lot of people that take pains to keeping the species safe and secure. In response to the continuous population decline, most of the people and the wildlife agencies have actually been forewarned about trading in this particular species of birds. If there is any sort of complaint, then he or she is liable, under the international law of wildlife to witness some serious jail time. The African Grey parrot is one of the most majestic creatures that you find, and even if you are not fond of birds, it can definitely win over your heart.

Photo by Ebrahim Al-Qanaei on Unsplash