Why Do Parrots Make the Perfect Pet?

  • Green and yellow small beaked bird on twig

    Types of Parrot

    Roughly speaking, there are about 372 species of parrots. Out of these only few are suitable as a pet bird. So, here are few species that you might want to consider.

  • Close-up of a yellow Ringneck parrot with a black background

    Ringneck Parrot

    The Ringneck parrot or in some cases, the Australian ringneck is a species of parrots that can be found native to Australia. They are adaptable to most of the conditions other than extreme tropical and Highland conditions.

  • Two colorful Eclectus parrots over a tree branch during daytime

    Eclectus Parrot

    There is a lot of significance behind the amount of color found in most of the parrots. The same can be said about the Eclectus parrot. This is a parrot which is native to the Solomon Islands and the New Guinea Islands.

  • Close-up of Amazon parrot on daytime

    Amazon Parrots

    If you think about the Amazon parrot, you shall come across those medium-sized parrots that are to be found in the Northern and Central America. They are also found a lot in the Caribbean.

  • Quaker parrot on brown tree branch on daytime

    Quaker Parrot

    The Quaker parrot, or the monk parakeet is a particular species of parrots which can be found in the North America or the central Europe.

  • Close-up of African Gray parrot

    African Grey Parrot

    The African Grey parrot is also known as the Grey parrot. It is primarily found in the rainforest of West and Central Africa. Experts have known it to be one of the most intelligent birds that you can find in the vicinity of ecosystems located all across the world.

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